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We’re out at a property today, and I wanted to show you what to expect if we would come out to make an offer on your property. We buy homes in any condition. As a matter of fact, this house here needs very little work. I’m going to walk you through how we look at a property in assessing value and make a list of potential repairs.

So, this property here, we would do a light power wash on the outside and maybe a little bit of exterior paint. We would freshen up the front porch here and put some new light fixtures. Roughly, on the outside of this property, we’re only going to spend about a few hundred, maybe a few thousand dollars. Walking around the back, you can see what we’ve started to do here is rip out a lot of overgrown landscaping. We’re looking for siding and windows.

What’s the condition of the roof? We’re looking for major repairs outside here. With stuff like this, we normally clean out all the junk that, this particular property, these folks left behind. All of this stuff we’re getting rid of. We normally have a dumpster that comes out, and we get rid of that stuff. You can see we’re cleaning up the landscaping out here, and only have to spend a little bit of money getting all that stuff. Cleanup has a big impact on the property.

We’ll do some exterior paint here. The outside, again, we’re looking for things like the condition of the gutters. Is the roof in good shape? Does it need replaced? Stuff like this. We’re going to make sure that we replace, and then we add all of those things up. That’s how we come up with the repair costs, and then that’s how we calculate the offer on your home.

I’ll show you the inside of the property. We look at doors, too. This particular door we can keep, paint and just put some new hardware on. We’re always looking at flooring, you know, is this flooring able to be kept? Does it need to be replaced? We may be able to keep this. That’ll save some money and allow us to increase our offer on a property. Again, when you look at all the stuff that was left behind, this is all able to be left behind by a potential seller. We’ll remove this at no cost.

We’re looking at the functionality of a kitchen. Is it in good enough shape? This particular kitchen will be painted. We’ll restore this kitchen rather than replace it. But we’re looking at those things. When we come out to make an offer on the property, we look at things like light fixtures, right? Are they outdated? Are they functional? We look at things like replacement windows. This particular property already has replacement windows.

So, the seller of this home was able to get several thousand dollars more for their home because it didn’t need those improvements. But if your house needs windows, no problem, we’ll replace the windows. We look at things like paint. You know, when you’re looking at some of the owner homes, there may be some cracking that you see. And walls or ceilings, we’ll texture or repair those of this particular property. The walls are in very good shape. Obviously carpet. We even do things like switches and outlets here. A lot of times we’ll replace those when we remodel homes. We’re always looking for hidden gems, too. So, rather than replace carpet here, in this particular property, we found that it had hardwood floors.

So, we’ll restore these hardwood floors. But you know, a lot of cases we’re looking at, does the flooring need to be replaced? Flooring is relatively inexpensive. To put flooring in a house like this, maybe $1,500, $2,000 total. We do buy houses with bad toilets. So, have you got a nasty toilet like that? We’ll replace it.

We wound up redoing this whole bathtub and the whole surround. This bathroom will get completely redone. So, if you have a bathroom that’s outdated, no big deal. Again, we’ll get more paint. You see here if you have stuff like this, improve your previous roof leaks or just the age of the home.

Sometimes what we’ll do is texture this, so that this whole ceiling has one solid texture on it, and then we’ll paint it. So, we’re looking for things like that. Interior doors, I made sure they functioned, open and close properly, and make sure that the doorknobs work. So, this property is in pretty decent condition.

This renovation here only cost us about $15,000. That’s about half of what our average renovation is. So, this particular seller, when they called us to sell their property, the home didn’t need a ton of work.

So, if your property is in pretty good condition and needs a little bit of work, we’re probably a good fit for you. Also, if you have an interest in getting an offer on your property, look us up on the internet at www.ericbuysyourhouse.com. Thanks.

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