The Process of Selling Your House

Hey, I’m Eric. Lots of people ask, “How does this process work?” First, you’ll typically fill out a web form or call one of our professional phone acquisitions agents.

They’re going to gather a little bit of information from you about your situation like when you’d like to sell, and learn a little bit about the condition of the property. At the end of that call, if you’d like, we’ll schedule an appointment for you to talk with one of our acquisitions agents.

Our acquisitions agents are trained to be able to make fair, very, very matter of fact offers down to the penny. They can do so over the phone, or we can come out and meet with you in person to make the offer. That’s step one of the process. When you call us, we’ll gather some information. If it sounds like we’re a good fit for you, and we’re interested in your property, we’ll schedule an appointment for you to speak with or meet with one of our professional home buyers. Step two of the process looks like this.

After we spoke with one of our phone people when we scheduled an appointment for you to speak with or meet with one of our acquisitions agents, we’re going to come out to the property or schedule a time to make you an offer over the phone. We’ll do a quick tour of the property.

We’ll sit down and talk about what your needs are, how quickly you like to sell, and then we’ll engage in conversation about pricing. We’ll talk about what homes in the area have sold for. We can share with you what renovations we believe may be needed for the property, and also share with you what the cost of those renovations may be, and even tell you down to the dollar what we believe we can sell the property for.

After renovations, we believe in being completely transparent, and at step two in our process when we talk about price, we will share all the information that you need to make an educated decision. So, next in the process, after we’ve made an offer, if you accept, we’ll write the contract, we’ll sit down and take about 15 minutes or so to go through line by line and page by page with you, the documentation that comes along with selling your property.

We’ve made this extremely easy with no inspections, no fees, and no contingencies. Our contracts are very simple, but we do believe in going through those with you line by line because you should know what you’re signing. So we take the time to go through all the paperwork with you.

We’ll sit down with you and go through that. And then once you’ve signed the contract, we’re further along and taking the next step in the closing process. Once we’ve signed a contract, now the real fun begins. You can start planning your next move. You can start packing and making arrangements for where you’re going to go next. Meanwhile, our team behind the scenes is handling everything for you, from title work to getting mortgage payoffs.

Oftentimes, we’ll have title issues that need to be resolved. We work with a team of attorneys that handle all of that for you, so that step in the process is hassle-free. And it’s been designed that way, so we’re handling all of that work for you behind the scenes to get you from contract to the date that we scheduled the settlement.

Now you’re at settlement. That day has finally come, whether it’s been a week since we first met or three months since we first met. Whatever you chose as a settlement date, that day has come. When you get to settlement, it is literally the easiest thing you’ll ever experience.

We’re paying all cash. The paperwork’s not stacks of paperwork like you might’ve seen when you bought a property before or sold a property before that had mortgages, contingencies, fees, commissions, and inspections. When you get the settlement, it literally takes between 10 to 15 minutes. At the end of that, you’re going to get a check and go about your business.

It’s the simplest process you’ll ever experience. I promise you. If you have any interest in getting an all-cash offer on your property, having a seamless process, and an easy settlement on the date that you choose, look us up on the internet. It’s

The Process of Selling Your House with Integrity First Home Buyers
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