Selling a Family Home After Divorce

Separation and divorce can be an emotional time for couples, often leading to frustration and confusion. For couples (even those that are amicable) that have purchased a house during a marriage, this time can be even more challenging as they try to decide what to do with the family home.

Oftentimes, the marital home is not able to be maintained by one spouse after the divorce. Perhaps the house is too large for one person, or the mortgage on the house is too high for one income. While individual situations vary, and it’s advised to consult an attorney, there are several options available to couples who share a marital home.

What are My Options?


Buy Out – If one spouse wishes to stay in the home, he or she can “buy out” the other spouse and purchase their share of the home. This may require a new mortgage to be secured by the spouse who remains in the home.

Co-Ownership – In cases where there are children, some couples choose to continue to co-own the home. Couples who choose this option must trust that the other party will continue to make mortgage payments, as any default in the loan will affect both spouses’ credit scores, regardless of who physically resides in the house. All details about this arrangement should be formally documented to protect both parties.

Sell the Home – This may be the recommended solution for many reasons, namely if neither spouse wishes to stay in the home. In this case, couples can explore options through the traditional real estate model, or through selling a home to a home investor like Integrity First Home Buyers.

We’ve Decided to Sell the Home … What’s Next?


If couples decide to sell the house through a traditional real estate model, the realtor may ask the couple to complete renovations, clean, and stage the home before the house goes on the market for sale. The realtor may also schedule open houses and showings to be able to showcase the home to potential buyers. Depending on the current real estate market, a sale can take just a few weeks to several months. If there is no sense of urgency, this may be a suitable option for couples that are willing to leave the house periodically for showings and open houses.

Conversely, for couples that wish to sell the house fast, selling a home to an investor like Integrity First Home Buyers can be a simple solution. When you sell your house for cash to Integrity First Home Buyers, there are no open houses, no required renovations, and no need to clean or stage the house for sale. This option provides a way for couples to quickly and easily move on to the next chapter of their lives.

Integrity First Home Buyers understands the complex and sensitive issues surrounding a home sale during divorce, and has helped many couples in this situation by providing a fair, fast and local way to sell their home for cash. Sometimes, we can even schedule settlement within days of your first phone call. We are here to help you move on, and can help ease some of the burden associated with a divorce or separation. We care about our clients and work to meet their goals in selling their home. Reach out today to start the conversation.

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