Closing Day | Step Three in Your Selling Process

Hey, I’m Eric. Lots of people ask, “How does this process work?” So, next in the process after we’ve made an offer, if you accept, we’ll write the contract, we’ll sit down and take about 15 minutes or so to go through line by line and page by page with you, the documentation that comes … Continued

Our Leave Behind Program

Hey, it’s Eric Brewer with Integrity First Home Buyers. I wanted to talk today about an important part of our process that we offer. It’s quite like a leave-behind program. If you have a house that has a little bit of stuff, a lot of stuff, or sometimes you buy homes that’s packed with belongings. … Continued

Advance on Funds for Selling Your House in Pennsylvania

Hey, it’s Eric Brewer with Integrity First Home Buyers! What happens if you want to sell your property today but you can’t move for a few months? And even more so, maybe you need the money. Now we have the ability to advance you some, if not all, of the money from the proceeds of … Continued

About Integrity First Home Buyers

Let me tell you a little bit about who we are at Integrity First Home Buyers. We’re a local family-owned business that’s been here in York, Pennsylvania for over 15 years. We’ve bought thousands of homes. We’ve helped thousands of families through tough times. We’ve helped them sell their home and get to a settlement … Continued

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Sell House Now York- How We Can Help

Selling a house nowadays can be nerve-wracking and daunting. As a matter of fact, Daily Mail reports that selling a house may be more stressful than divorce, bankruptcy and even the death of a family member. Now add to the fact that you need to sell the property quickly because of financial hardship, a new … Continued

Can I Get Cash for House PA?

Have you found yourself encumbered in a situation that little extra cash on hand can greatly improve your fortune and perhaps liberate you from a tight spot? This happens to everyone at some time and fortunately, there are solutions. If you own a house in Pennsylvania and are considering converting that asset into cash to … Continued

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Why We Are The Best Cash For House PA Buyers

Selling a house in Pennsylvania isn’t easy. You have to list your house for sale, look for a real estate agent, perform tough negotiations with buyers, and even repair your home to improve its selling condition. At Integrity First Home Buyers, however, we are cash for house PA buyers who are here to make things … Continued

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Sell My House Fast Pennsylvania: A Complete Guide

With house prices rising and falling all the time, knowing how and when to sell a house can be quite challenging. While some buyers might have the patience to wait things out and work with real estate agents, some want to sell their homes fast for cash. So, what should you do when you want … Continued

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We Buy Houses PA – The Secret Of How To Sell Your House Fast

Across Pennsylvania thousands of homes are stuck on the market; leaving property owners lost, unable to close house sales and concerned that they might never be able to sell their homes fast for cash. Therefore, when looking to sell a home in such a terrible housing market, people are forced to pull up at all … Continued

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We Buy Houses Pennsylvania – Selling A House Fast

Sometimes, homeowners find themselves in sticky situations where they are dealing with issues such as foreclosure and need to sell their houses quickly. Unfortunately, when the need to close the sale as quickly as possible overrides the need to make a good sale, they become prone to making mistakes. So, how do you sell your … Continued

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Get Cash Now York PA House – Ring Us Now!

  Homes are valuable assets but some situations come, and we are forced to sell them. Some of the common reasons include cases where one needs to avoid foreclosure, need for cash or just when one needs to dispose of a home that they do not need. The real estate field is complicated due to … Continued

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We Buy Houses Pennsylvania – Integrity First Home Buyers

Are you looking to put your home in the market? Are you worried that you will spend a lot of money revamping to get a good value for it? Well, you should contact Integrity First Home Buyers for the following reasons. To Avoid Foreclosure in PA We buy houses Pennsylvania that are about to be … Continued